Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Feast for Crows

So yes, I did finish reading A Feast for Crows, and, like the rest of the books in the Song of Fire and Ice series, I read this novel incredibly quickly. Yes, I'm wonderful.


Enough of my reading speed; let's talk about the book itself...

I liked this book and I really did enjoy it.. Martin continued to develop some characters, such as Sansa and Brienne, and this made the book more satisfying for me.  I was able to see how these characters had progressed throughout the series, and also able to see how the actions of others had affected them. I thought it was fantastic that Martin's writing enabled the reader to see another side of Cersei (and boy, what a bitch she is), and was unsurprised that my sympathy for Jaime Lannister has continued to grow. The character development, I guess, was what I most appreciated about this book. Martin has done an excellent job with these people of Westeros.

Moving along....

I found myself bemoaning, "WHAT THE HELL!? HE'S INTRODUCING ANOTHER CHARACTER? I HATE THESE NEW CHARACTERS!". It's the truth. I hated when the book would jump to the Dornish lands and would be about Dornish politics. I found these plot lines to be boring, distracting, and forced. This series is epic, but perhaps it shouldn't be so epic that new story lines and characters are added every three chapters or so.

Did this book make me excited for the fifth book (whenever it will be released)? Yes, it did. A Feast for Crows left me feeling satisfied, and still eager for more. Bravo, Martin!



A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4)
Bantam (2007), Paperback, 784 pages

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